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Children's Illustrator based in Cornwall

Hello! I'm Emily and I draw pictures.


To be more professional sounding I have illustrated a number of children's books for different publishers. Seeing my work in print and children looking at the pictures will never get old for me.

I love to capture different characters and details in my pictures. Books that has hidden details were always my favourite when I was young so I like to do the same in my illustrations.

Since becoming an Auntie to two young nephews, Toby and Rory, I have developed a range of fun, educational art prints for children. It started when I would draw pictures to entertain the boys or decorate their rooms when they got home from a holiday. Now, selling these pictures online or at fairs is one of the favourite things I do


Children's Books

Fun Facts

Fin and the Red Deer

Silverwood Books. 2020

Philomena: The Cat Who Thinks She's a Dog

Wacky Bee Books. 2016

Geronimo: The Dog Who Thinks He's a Cat

Wacky Bee Books. 2015

I got a letter from the Queen after I sent her my Royal Illustrations

I hate the taste of coconut

Cats are my favourite animal

A goat once stamped on my foot so I'm now a bit scared of them

I'm a massive Taylor Swift and Spice Girls fan

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